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VENUS-PLUTO. It's in the water, baby

On Love & Chemistry

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Why do we meet the people we meet? What is this wonderful conspiracy of the invisible that guides us to places where we meet the key people of our lives? Venus-Pluto is something we feel about...

In the aftermath of the eclipse, Venus and Pluto oppose each other just a few hours prior to the Capricorn Full Moon of June 24. Eclipses, the sign of Capricorn and Venus-Pluto aspects are karmic entities. In opposition to Pluto, Venus draws in instant connections, mysterious attractions soaked in synchronicities. My love for astrology is rooted in its artful ability to give a language to the inexplicable karmic heartbeat of two ‘strangers’ colliding at a given time. The following words situate the current energies within the timeline of the Venus-Pluto tango of 2021 and offer a few insights on the tone of our soul’s love evolution through the Venus Rose.


Last Venus Retrograde: May 13-June 25 2020 in Gemini

Venus conjunct Pluto: January 2021 (Capricorn New Moon)

Venus opposing Pluto: June, 2021 (Capricorn Full Moon)

Next Venus Retrograde: Dec 19, 2021- Jan 29, 2022 in Capricorn

Venus conjunct Pluto: December 2021 (Gemini Full Moon)

Venus at 26 degrees of Cancer opposes a retrograding Pluto in Capricorn. The Capricorn full moon of June 24th is consequently a Plutonian moon: what is illuminated now has to do with our soul’s impulse to evolve (Pluto) and our understanding of Love (Venus). During Pluto’s voyage through Capricorn (2008-2025), humanity cleans the interpersonal karma, the unfinished business we have with our Italian pharmacist of 1666 who was also our wife in Bangladesh in 1111, for example. Like a duel or a wedding ceremony, oppositions bring a socialized, relational context to the energy. A Venus-Pluto opposition draws the skeletons out of the closet: souls we were involved with in past lives reappear in our lives. Wanting to grow through relationship, Venus gives our love a face. Pluto rearranges the letters: “At the end of our lives, it won’t matter who we loved, it will matter how we loved.”

Under Pluto-Venus, we give birth to our lovers from our soul’s desire to transform the way we love alchemically, to evolve beyond relationship karma. With Pluto, the impermanence of the form life is the key note. We, humans, glue faces to our love. The soul knows one face really well: the face of the moon. The pull to the past, the tides within our hearts that make us bleed and bloom.

Whenever Venus and Pluto connect, there is a conflict based on the dual nature of Venus –self-love (Venus morning star, Taurus) and love of others, (Venus evening star, Libra). We have to give ourselves love before we can successfully enter into relationship, for we can only love others to the extent we love ourselves. The ‘unfinished business’ we have with other souls, is our own unfinished business. It’s also our medicine. Through the mirror that is the other, the parts of ourselves we have not seen and integrated in love, are revealed.

This moment of Venus opposing Capricorn is key for psychological integration, because at the end of the year, Venus will retrograde in Capricorn to form her new Venus Star Point ® in January 2022. She retrogrades every 1,6 years for forty days to then once more rise as the morning star. Venus is currently beautifying the archetype of Gemini, where she’s been teaching correct human relationships and been reinventing language beyond binary thinking.

What was featuring in your inner dialogue on relationships last January?

Pluto is now once more close to the degree of his conjunction with Venus at the Capricorn New Moon of January 13th. This coming together of Venus and Pluto started off a new evolutionary cycle in an instinctual way, with random experiences bringing forth spontaneous self-discovery and planting seeds for the Capricornian rose petal Venus will draw next year. That New Moon harboured a dual need: moving onward and maintaining security and stability within ourselves. We were figuring out what kind of commitment was healthy for us, who we were in relationships now, we tried on boundaries.

Ruled by Saturn, Venus in Capricorn will ask for a sophisticated, dedicated, mature love. She wants a higher commitment, an architect who builds a house in which she can make art, love and plant rose bushes that will grow older than humans. The current opposition of Venus-Pluto asks that we enter a social context in order to continue the evolutionary development set in motion at the conjunction in January. That we figure it out including others. Hence, karmic connections materialize right now. Karmic does not mean bad. If we choose love above fear, karma makes us feel the necessity to enter into relationship and to make the effort to build in flesh and bones. If we choose love, the past and the future shake hands.

The karmic signature of the Venus-Pluto face-off is enhanced by its Cancerian-Capricornian landscape. Cancer and Capricorn represent our maturation process mirrored in our parents, as well our soul’s growing up across lifetimes through the lineages. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the Lord of Time. Grandfather buys grandson a watch, and with this gesture, grandson becomes an adult, he has to respond to time and respect his boundaries. In Capricorn, Pluto says: “a diamond is made under pressure.” In Cancer, Venus feels deeply and remembers the past. We deal with an embryonic experience, the portal through which we incarnate and obtain a body, and the need to feel held and protected by Mother. The word ‘need’ is interesting. “You can’t always get what you want, you get what you need,” the Stones sing. As alchemist Pluto relates to Venus, he brings in relationships that challenge us, and through their birth or death, change us at a soul level, from the inside out. Our personality might not like the shadows’ rising, but needs them to move to transform. And with the Venus opposing, the shadow most likely comes in the shape of a human we love, or once upon a time loved and lost. Clashing desires, ego-conflicts, attachment, passion, and underneath it all: the inexplicable togetherness, the mysterious, undeniable recognition.

Ultimately, the karmic connections that show up now are lighthouses shedding their torches on where we are at in our personal love revolution. The karmic glue of these soul collisions wonders: how do you love now?

Are our boundaries still in place? Are they reasonable? Are they loving?

Can we be vulnerable and emotionally sovereign at the same time?

And further, can we be grateful simply to feel a furious storm raging through our hearts regardless of the outcome?

Eventually, every Plutonian experience is an emotional initiation –it’s in the water, baby –leading to a higher, more attuned expression of love. When Pluto is involved, Love Goes Soul. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

At the Gemini Full Moon of December 19, Venus will be conjunct Capricorn. That Full Moon brings in the harvest of the solar eclipse of June 10, which relates the Venus-Pluto tango once more to the current astrological weather. On December 19, Venus will also begin her retrograde phase in Capricorn. Preparing for her kiss with the Sun of January 2022, she will begin to beautify the archetype of Capricorn. It will be an entirely different love story. In Capricorn, Love drinks a very well-aging wine on a snow-capped mountain she successfully climbed herself.

The beauty is, Venus will be fortified by the Gemini cycle and, having met a twin or two or three, we will have learnt a few things about relationships and love languages.

The question remains: how can we shift from growing through pain and loss to growing through well-being and abundance?

Jupiter in Pisces will infuse us with new techniques on the art of letting go, abundance consciousness and loving unconditionally. More on that kind of water later. Meanwhile, let’s make love, not war.


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