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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Right human relations are the only true peace.” Alice A. Bailey

We are now fully in eclipse season. On October 14th, 2023, an annular solar eclipse takes place in Libra, the Scales. This is our first eclipse in Libra of this nodal season, transforming Aries and Libra (2023-2024).

When a new moon occurs close to the Nodes of Fate, the North and South Node of the Moon, we have a solar eclipse. The Moon stands between Earth and Sun. The past stands between present and future. We experience a darkening of the light. We do not see the sun (the future) and are prompted to break old patterns.

A solar eclipse acts as an event trigger. Why? The moon is our portal to incarnation. The soul growing a body in a mother’s womb and passing through the birth canal is quite the event. At this point in evolution, most of us do not remember our births. So yes, a solar eclipse brings a new path, but the events that occur are fated, or karmic, meaning that they happen because of action taken in the past (in this life and prior lifetimes). Secondly, the moon is a bringer of change in our lives all the time for she moves fast, visiting all constellations in one month. The changes provoked by this eclipse will unfold towards fruition over the next 6 months.

Ancients astrologers feared eclipses and advised to stay inside. Eclipses bring changes that were not in our plans and this lack of control over our outer circumstances can inspire fear. We say we are creatures of habit, but in truth, we are creatures of change. As we evolve as a species, we come to understand that change is our only constant, and that we need change to grow. Over time, our mindset has become more welcoming towards eclipse energy. I have flown across oceans during eclipses, with positive results. Eclipses are however a time to learn what the soul needs, and long distance flights have always been a comfort zone where I could feel and reflect. An attitude of observance and taking notes is more advised than taking rash decisions, when the moon is black (as it is at every new moon).

If I was allowed to only see one transit for my client, I would study which areas of their lives (astrological houses) the nodes are transiting. This is where the gun lies on the table.

The South Node solar eclipse happens at 21-22° Libra. Where 21–22° Libra lies in your own birth chart is the domain where physical events for your evolution will occur.

Venus. This is what last and current eclipse season have in common. North Node Taurus was ruled by Venus, and now South Node Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus rules relationships, your talents and gifts/your self-worth, what you attract/what you enjoy, your values/your money. Explore your natal Venus to feel into what this eclipse season is about for you.

The Libra-Aries axis was last activated during 2004-2006 and 2013-2016. What began for you during this time? Who did you meet? What new relationships began and what did they mean for you, teach you?

I OFFER DEPTH TRANSIT READINGS with a focus on your soul’s evolution, and alignment of the personality to co-create with the current karmic weather. These readings are practical. They address the 3D-events you are facing, help you design your calendar of the next 18-months, predict areas of harvest and growth, propose inspired action in the direction of your North Star and answer questions:


This is the death of 'should'. Of being preoccupied with what others think of you, how others perceive you. Bye bye to 'good beside manner,' or whatever that means to you. The Aries-Libra eclipses will ‘exaggerate’ the thematics of Self & Other. On a soul level, Uranus rules Libra. Uranus is about radical expression of personal truth and the celebration of our unique selves.

The purpose of this South Node eclipse is to exalt outdated/shadow expressions of Libra into to their higher spiritual expressions. Libran themes are: justice, truth, mind, legal affairs, money, having a drink and a laugh, sex, marriage/divorce, romance, business partnerships.

When it comes to relationships, in its shadow, Libra projects ‘good girl/nice guy’-personalities, or can engage in people-pleasing, conflict-avoidance, mindless seduction & ghosting, white lies (sugar-coating), lies, game-playing, vanity, vagueness, or the sweatpants-lifestyle and ‘I am never going on a date again in my entire life’-mindset.

Libra shadow behaviour stems from the fear of rejection, “wanting to be liked.” But we only reject ourselves if we are not truthful. What is it worth to be liked for someone you are not? It’s time to put into practice the self-love the preceding North-Node-in-Taurus cycle gifted us. Psychologically, the eclipse season wants you to do yourself justice. We do ourselves justice by being who we truly are in relation to others.

Ask yourself: am I a different person in relationship?

What if no words were uttered to please the other? What if judgement only existed for us to know who we ourselves want to be? What if growth was more important than being right?What if listening and mutual understanding were more important than compromise or peace?

Shadow Libra wants peace for the sake of it or conflict for the sake of conflict (so the relationship can be ended for a reason). The longevity of our relationships depends on our ability to transcend conflict/duality. With Mercury in Libra, pretty close to the South Node, we are eclipsing out of old avoidant communication styles. In Libra, Mercury can understand both sides of the story, and is interested in the other and in new ways of relating. We can agree to disagree, and it does not change my love for you.

“Correct human relations are the only true peace,” Alice A. Bailey wrote. Our lives are relationships. We practise in our school years with our peers in Gemini, and in Libra in our one-on-one relationships. Relationships are the vehicle for the evolution of consciousness in the West. Remember Saturn is exalted in Libra: relationships are the grounds to filter our karma more quickly.

Eclipses plant familiar ‘strangers,’ friends from lifetimes past on our paths —do you come here often? Whether they dress as a fallen angel or come as a soul friend, these past life connections guide us towards our North Star. Situations in our existing relationships and past life connections will prompt a renovation of the way we think and feel about, communicate and act in relationships.

This eclipse is here to help us transcend our collective couples karma, addressing our relational patterns, illusions, assumptions about relationships/'the other'.


Venus, who leads this eclipse, lives in Virgo, where practical and realistic love thrives. Think acts of service and gifts. In her shadow, Venus-in-Virgo is critical of self and others. But in her light,Venus-in-Virgo is divine mother, Devotion, and attracts what is good and beautiful. Mars in Scorpio is just like Venus in Virgo, capable of devotion. The guardian of the past (South Node), Venus, sextiles Mars, the leader of the future (North Node), so Mars and Venus want to co-operate and co-create with each other. Yes, we can properly load the dishwasher.

Mars in Scorpio also wants to merge and prompt us to intimately see the other. Mars invites us into a healthier expression of mystery, all while the square to Pluto soaks this eclipse in a strong sexual and creative energy. With Saturn positively influencing Mars, Mars can take into account what needs to be done for things to work for the long haul, and he wants to do it. The Mars-Venus sextile indicates that our connections at this time are creatively fertile, but also practically make sense.

The eclipse advocates for radical honesty, curiosity towards the other, while shining bright within our own truth and its practical realities. When we express both appreciation and resentment in the moment, without delay, we can release difficult emotional karma.

Where Mercury is curious enough to play with perceived opposites and listen, Venus in Virgo helps us with discernment. Our body tells us yes or no. By listening, we discern what we do want. In such, Venus in Virgo guides us to our aspirations. Please note that soulmates can come as friends, business partners, siblings, family members. These new connections are however always magic, and can eclipse us into fortunate future timelines beyond what we had imagined would be.

WE WERE ONCE WARRIORS. A study of The Bhagavad Gita and of Arjuna's despair when he recognises his brothers in the two opposing armies is most illuminating in connection with Libra. Krishna reminds Arjuna of his duty as a warrior: Arjuna must fight. This always stuck with me: non-action and indecision are crime. The only way out is in. We must enter the battlefield, because this is where we learn that we are deathless, that only the body can die.

The North Node in Aries is here to remind us of the warrior residing in all of us. The courage in our hearts guides us on the path towards fearlessness : a state of consciousness where we stand in our true selves with such grace that we are without enemies.

Aries’ courage also reminds us that true peace can not exist if we run from our enemies. To do ourselves justice means to move towards our fears —the inner enemy — and to practise truthfulness in our relationships. Arjuna picks up his sword and goes to the battlefield. He does not go to the bakery for extra cupcakes. Well, actually he does, and that causes a big mess. We are allowed to make mistakes but we have to learn from them. Once the disciple reaches Libra, they have free choice to act and liberate themselves from past karma.

The journey of North Node in Aries is about leadership in all its flavours. Am I leading my life? Where is it led by others? Do you want that?

And to ponder upon - a leader is someone who creates the opportunities for others to share their gifts. This is spiritual Mars: devotional.

WHO WILL WE BE? Over the next 1.5 year cycle, North Node in Aries will give us a plan and re-direct our energy towards goals that are personally relevant to us. The things that matter to you. Mars trine Saturn brings a mature and giving energy, which manifest in the cooperation of institutions, parents or parental figures, elders or experts in a particular field.

Jupiter at 14° Taurus blesses us with the inner realisation of our worth, and expands and builds upon the pearls of wisdom harvested at the total lunar eclipse of November 8, 2022. October brings new opportunities to share your gifts. Or it is possible that an old opportunity re-emerges in a new shape. Think about it – what were you sharing with the world at that time?

Meanwhile, Pluto retrograde squaring this eclipse from Capricorn needs us to tie up the loose ends of a 18-year-long transformative effort of our vision of success. Pluto has tremendous emotional power. A conflict is created between the need to maintain the old and familiar versus the need to explore the foreign land of our future.

In Scorpio, Mars wants a metamorphosis. The need to transform the limitations of our personal reality and individual identity are now broadcasted on every channel.

— who will you be? How does this person think and act?

This eclipse season is about our becoming and cultivating a mental framework that allows us to be decisive towards our goals and plans.

And an eclipse defies Time. We quantum leap from one reality into another.

In October, we will face what we truly need to archive or dump to show up as the hero of our own epic. And, if not as the hero, how else are you going to do life? Remember Remember, Mars, the warrior planet, leads our evolution at this time. Our actions are our only possessions. WE HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO ACT, AND WE HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO BE BOLD. This is but a warm up, ‘cause at the total solar eclipse in Aries of April 2024, is a karmic washing machine, with 6 energies in Aries, and a Mars-Saturn conjunction

—cheers to a life without regrets!


If you want to know how this nodal axis season plays out for you, I offer DEPTH TRANSIT READINGS with a focus on your soul’s evolution, and alignment of the personality to co-create with the current karmic weather. These readings are practical. They address the 3D-events you are facing, help you design your calendar of the next 18-months, predict areas of harvest and growth, propose inspired action in the direction of your North Star and answer questions:

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