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Unfold Your Soul Events 

On this page, you will find the upcoming events and retreats Heidi leads and/or contributes to.



A collaboration with Femmes Prod:


LetTheWater-Flow is an invitation for women of all experiences, ages, shapes and dreams to come together and attune with their feminine power that lies within. 

Water, moon, woman, memory, mother, menstruation, home… words with the meaning, resonating on different octaves. 

We are fluid, cyclical creatures, here to experience and expand, and we desire to express ourselves fully. The water is a beautiful symbol of the changeable, flowing nature of our emotions, and the reality of our creative power. In this workshop, we discover, honour and celebrate that part of ourselves and get to know our creative centre at the sacral chakra on an experimental level.

After an introduction to the chakra system and the water element, we will take the awareness to the mat and into our bodies and practise. In an easy, effortless flow focusing on hip release, we connect to our inner senses, let go of shame and blockages and set up for the greater personal power. 

By feeling our body deeply and being present with ourselves, we connect with our needs and communicate love to our bodies. Eventually, the purpose of the body is to communicate love. 

Acting on the momentum created, we can embrace our innate creativity and power, allow ourselves to live from our passion and create positive relationships with ourselves and those around us. 

We end with a chakra balancing meditation and open the space for questions.


No prior knowledge of yoga positions is required or needed. 

Wear comfortable clothing, bring yourself, something to write, and a mat if you have one.

Let The Water-Flow - July 3

Cacao Ceremony & Flow
Stuk chocolaatjes

Cacao Ceremony & Flow - ongoing when in Brussels

Unfold Your Love with cacao   – a celebration of the magic of the heart and senses 

Raw cacao has been used in ceremonies by South American native cultures for thousands of years. The prime benefit of this superfood is a powerful heart-awakening. Opening the energetic portal to universal love, creativity and abundance, the cacao plant teaches that the purpose of the body is to communicate love. From recent travels in between shamans, I bring back a unique cacao recipe, and a joyous flow enriched with Incan mythology and rainforest sounds. 

As we synchronize our bodies with the rhythm of nature through the Incan trinity of the Snake, the Puma and the Condor, the health-boosting, euphoric quality of cacao elevates us to a more alive and more joyous expression of ourselves. In the wisdom of the Snake, we shed our old skin and are born; in the power of puma, we connect to the heartbeat of the earth, and in the sacred Condor, we free ourselves through the intelligence of the heart.

It is our intention to create an atmosphere of light and absolute acceptance that encourages people to move from love inspires true human connection and exalts the values of freedom, beauty and humor. Acting on the momentum created, people can move beyond barriers in all areas of existence and create positive experiences for themselves and everyone around them.


This Cacao Ceremony & Flow is designed for yoga explorers who are curious about ceremonial plant medicine and lovers of movement or cacao open to be guided into a space of deeper love through a celebratory, heart-opening flow. We open the afternoon with music and the serving of the cacao, followed by intention-setting/meditation, a 60-minute yoga celebration of the body and musical closing meditation. Everyone is welcome.


Raw Cacao medicine of high quality prepared with love honouring the sacred tradition of our ancestors.


Next editions on Sunday, September 17, 2023 

To be a part of it, or to organize a cacao ceremony with Heidi, write a message below.

yearly Transit Reading
Fortune Telling Cards

Read Me - discovering the tarot


Once a month, Heidi offers tarot readings in the relaxed atmosphere of a small café or a private home. Oftentimes, she invites other readers to join her. Please read Heidi's take on tarot here.

For in-depth and private readings (live or recorded), send Heidi a message below.

If you read the tarot and would like to collaborate to bring this instrument to reveal the soul closer to the people, write a message below.

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