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Thank you.

"It's crazy how an astrologer can tell you more about yourself in ten minutes than your closest friends. The true power of this reading lies in Heidi's focus on the soul's well-being. Her encouraging words gave me vision and direction for what's to come. I left feeling great about myself and life. I am looking forward to the follow-up."

"Heidi was incredible in ways I never expected. She saw into my heart and soul, and made sense of things that have happened and are happening in my life. She opened up my heart and inspired me to continue the path I have been on. Heidi showed me that the path of teaching, loving and healing is my destiny, and my true north. She gave me specific information that I will be able to use to continue serving the world in the way I was meant to. I have never been touched by a reading like I have been touched by Heidi. I felt that she really saw me. She is a gift to everyone she comes in contact with, I am sure."

Beverly Fergus

Georgia Remis, researcher

"Her reading was not only accurate, but also had a lot of purpose and heart. Heidi brought in a whole new angle. Her reading of my soul past resonated deeply and showed me roots of patterns far beyond what I imagined before meeting with her. Great clarity.

Brigitte Fontaine, mother and artist

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