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unfold your soul

I offer depth soul astrology readings focused on healing across timelines. With a joint awareness of your birth chart and the book of you in the Akashic Records, I unfold the journey of your soul, look into past life experiences and dynamics, karmic & soul family relationships. Together, we explore future timelines to unfold your soul’s light and purpose.


My practise is rooted in my study of various spiritual-philosophical traditions.

The work we do together is holistic. The healing arts of the seven rays of light, astrology, yoga, meditation, tarot... are instruments to unlock the doors that hold the memory of our soul's purpose. These tools are different facets of the same mandala. Each reflect a unique perspective of the same truth, and all find unity in the centre: SOUL.

Whether I use the ancient science of astrology or intuitive methods, my intention is always to share with you how to create from your inner power and voice. Your liberation is my ethical guideline.


My group sessions include cacao ceremonies and yoga flows as well as group meditations, retreats, tarot evenings and tailored workshops.
True North Reading

True North Guidance

✩ 90min ✩   sliding scale: € 200-300 $

Where do I come from? What is my purpose? Why am I here? 

The light of the soul seeks to guide us along a particular path of development as a beautiful part of the whole. It is my experience and understanding that once we align ourselves with the intention of the soul, our life becomes an ever-expanding synchronistic experience in a supporting and loving universe. Yet, where do we find this light of the Soul and its intentions?

Esoteric Astrology*  is one of the most profoundly revealing systems, yet is little known among the spiritual community. The Seven Rays of Light, the constellations and their planetary rulers on a soul and personality level open a gateway for healing across timelines.

In a first session, I help you remember your unique soul's journey as drawn in your natal star sky. I review with you : the flame that brought you to this life;  the karmic (past life) themes you are transcending in this life and how this relates to your family, love, work today. We look at your natural talents, illuminate what nurtures you on a deeper level, and how your soul desires to mature and rejuvenate in communion with the planetary cycles. Together with the stars, we envision the Eden where your soul marries genuine aspiration and the beauty of Life's proposalFinally, the solar return chart allows us to zoom in on the year ahead as to show us how and where to create opportunity and step into the most beautiful timeline.  

I also explore karmic connections, soul groups and soul relationships to bring light to interpersonal dynamics with the intention of healing interpersonal bonds across timelines.

This is a safe space and I answer any questions you may have.

This session can be conducted live, via Zoom/Skype or through an mp3-recording. 

Please write me here

*teachings of the Tibetan Master Djhwal Kuhl & Alice A.Bailey

Planet en de Maan

Solar Return Reading - Transit Reading


 75min ✩  € 166-222 $

Yearly Birthday Reading - Current Energy Reading

Did you know that every birthday the stars gift you a new birth chart that tells us what is up in the next 12 months? 

You are your own solar system. The sun is your heart, and every day on your birthday, this solar light returns to its home in your sky. The solar system is in continuous motion. The natal chart used in your True North Guidance Reading is a photograph of the stars and planets taken in the moment of your first breath. The rays of light and planets continue to communicate with this blueprint of your birth sky and infuse your soul with desires for expression. A solar return reading is a specific transit reading that sheds a light on the unfoldment of your soul's journey in the year ahead. 

It is not your birthday but you are going through profound changes or un-easiness? 

A transit reading of this moment in time will shed a light on what is happening, why it is happening, where change is required, and how you can most gracefully and efficiently approach this moment and its life situations.

A solar return reading and transit reading (included in the True North) answers practical questions like: “How can I best approach this year?" Do I stay in my present job?”, "What is the challenge of this year?", "Should I move to Patagonia or Vienna?", "How shall I approach love/personal relationship?", "When is a good time to take action and create opportunity?", "What shall I let go of/ invite in?" 

To realise our dreams in 3D-reality, timing is everything. This reading empowers you with practical information. Transits reveal the most giving windows in time for taking inspired action . Rather than to control life by wanting to know what will happen, it's my intention to inspire you to listen to the motions within you, find strength and courage in who you are in the present moment, so you can step with intent and faith into the ever-changing river that is life.

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Dream Astrology Session
underwater-jellyfish-alexander-semenov-aquatis-66 copy.jpg

Dream Astrology Session


 75 min ✩  € 155 $

Do you have a reoccurring dream?

This session offers a depth interpretation and integration of your dream using my awareness of your birth chart and current transits, an astrological reading of key present and past life experiences related to the dream and of the invitation of the 12th astrological house ("the house of the soul"). 

This healing practise is rooted in Jungian dream psychology and past life astrology.

You will have to write down the dream in detail. Together, we will distill its meaning and explore the links between the message of your subconscious and your soul's impulse to clear out karma, change and/or expand. 

We end this session by designing of a ritual to honour the dream and the message of your subconscious and, if required, an action plan for purification. 

Relationhip + Love
YouRemindMeOfMe cover.jpeg

Love Cycles Astrology

✩ 90min ✩   sliding scale: € 220-330 $

Includes past life soul link exploration

Yoga & Meditation

How do we love from here? 

Every 8 years, Venus produces a beautiful, almost perfect, five-pointed star pattern in our sky. As Earth's twin, she gifts us our cycles of love, blossoming & loss.

Our personal Venus Star Point connects us to the soul, our higher self, and reveals our personal evolutionary journey towards true love.

A Love Cycle-reading helps us understand the why of our relationships, our values & worth, shows us where and how we can create deeper self-love, and how to love others intelligently. 

This reading connects your relationship journey to the current Star Point-cycle we collectively live in, your true North, and your past life experiences with relationships, belief systems, and patterns

We end this reading by offering thoughts and beliefs that support the relationships you desire to live and create. 

So we meet again? 

Soul families, soulmates, karmic soulmates & karmic connections —what is my connection with this soul, and why are we brought together?

This reading includes 1 or 2 soul links: I look at past life connections between two souls with the intention of healing interpersonal bonds across timelines.

Using esoteric astrology techniques, I delineate whether the souls are of the same family, and explore the blessings, in light & dark, gifted by the past lives shared by the souls, the roles embodied, the karma and the purpose of the connection on a soul level. 

(Separately available as mp3-recording : 20-30min - $60€)

Write me here.

Yoga & Meditation

Fees à la carte

Remembering and sharing yoga has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

Yoga is a shamanic life path for it allows us to give our best to the world by retreating from it.

I have always loved mind, our individual minds and the cosmic mind, and even as a kid, I often retreated from the external world. I would sit on the swing in the attic for hours to find the silence and solitude that connected me to 'something Higher,' something beyond eating 3 times a day, beyond the maintenance of life.

Lasting solutions are rarely found outside of ourselves, yet I do believe the popularity of asana in the Western world today has its function. Because most of us are deeply entangled in the material world, working from the body towards the mind is a method of self-discovery suited for many. For me, asana has served as the experience of landing in my body. 

As an ice dancer, in my inability to jump high again after a fall, I observed that the human body was both a magnificent artwork, and a metaphor for mind. At that time, I did not have the clarity to see my subconscious fears and beliefs, let alone the confidence or skill to overcome those. I studied philosophy and social sciences at university, but it was only when I came across yoga philosophy and meditation that I recognised myself and began to grasp the infinite potential of Human when freed from mental constructs. 

In Buddhism, thinking is considered a sense. Going inside and making abstraction from the outer senses, allows us to let go of the default mode of the brain and discover inner senses, like Time, multi-dimensional consciousness, temperature, balance, knowing (intuition)... and ultimately, soul, spirit, source. Yoga is a way of experiencing and living life, a state of ever-expanding consciousness, for which you (only) need yourself. It's a path that can only be thread by you. Just like the work of art that is your life. 


Pulled by a deep love for the human experience and the poetry of our bodies and minds, I teach Hatha and Vinyasa sequences, meditations and Yoga Nidra classes to people from all experiences, shapes, ages and dreams. 

I also offer introductions to traditional kundalini yoga. 

To find my yoga offerings, connect with and visit Events and Retreats.

For privates or corporate classes, please write me below.


Tarot Reading


30-60 min - fee upon request

A tarot reading is a visualisation of the voice of silence. The cards are an instrument to reveal the soul's intention and its joys, clouds, obstacles, and are winks of the universe. Just like yoga, the tarot brings you into the present moment: What is going on right now? What attitude should I take towards my career, love life, a certain situation? Just like esoteric astrology, the tarot works with the symbolism of the hero's journey. The energy of the subject, the rich images and imagination of the cards themselves work together with the intuition of the reader to provide a visual mind map for you to draw inspiration and guidance from.

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