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SUN IN PISCES. The Sabian Mysteries-Newsletter on Faith is here for you.

📸 : Matsyasana, Fish Pose, wonderfully captures the heart-opening potentials of Pisces Season 2022. By @lophotobirth

While the sun travels through Pisces, learning about Neptune can be just as a lovely heart-opener.

Journeying in co-creative bliss with the transiting planets enriches my life deeply. In November, when Venus travelled over my natal Neptune, I received a perfect cosmic gift. I met the wonderful writer of the Sabian Mysteries-website, James Burgess, and joined his Sabian Mysteries-community of thinkers, astrologers, mystics… coming together to study and expand on the Sabian Symbols. Elsie Wheeler channeled a one-sentence-poem for each degree of our zodiac. No season more ideal than Pisces to embark upon a mystical journey.

For the Pisces Newsletter of the Sabian Mysteries, I wrote on Neptune. If you would like to discover Neptune through my Pisces-heart and experience, I share a link to the article as well as its first paragraph below...

Please communicate your thoughts, feelings, impressions. I appreciate you taking the time to read and connect with my world. Thank you.

Watered with Love,




When a new-born does not cry, it is bad news for Life. The body does not possess the skill to release and forget. The tears we cry at birth are loud and essential. Essential, for they carry the autobiographies of other lives, past lives perhaps, out of our bodies. These tears are loud for birth implies the separation from our mother, the exit out of our Memory of Oneness.

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