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A NEW VENUS STAR POINT : This Is Your Karma Delivery.


As Earth’s twin sister, Venus speaks to us through her beautiful 5-pointed star-pattern, a mandala drawn over the course of 8 years.

Every 9,5 months – the duration of a human’s journey in the womb –Venus connects with the Sun in one of the 5 astrological signs she’s drawing her mandala in.

When the Sun and Venus align, they form a ‘cazimi,’ which translates to ‘in the Heart of the Sun.’ This conjunction is called “the Venus Star Point” by Arielle Guttman in her study Venus Star Rising.

The Venus Star Point also marks Venus’ metamorphosis from Morning Star to Evening Star or vice versa every 9,5 months.

Theosophy and esoteric astrology suggest that Venus , our ‘Planet Of Love,’ is the most spiritually advanced planet of our solar system. Just like the Gobi Desert was once the Gobi Sea, Venus no longer hosts physical life, but the etheric beings living on the plane of Venus are said to be hundreds of millions of years ahead of us on their evolutionary journey.

Venus is called ‘The Child of Mind'. In other words, she has evolved beyond Mind. The intention, solution and aspiration of this solar system is said

to be Intelligent Love, the birth of Love in the Mind, also called Love-Wisdom.

Venus’ ascension journey expresses currently as our evolution from personality-based living to heart-centered living.

More poetically, we can see the five-point star pattern

or mandala is as Venus’ offering to planet Earth, her twin sister.

Your Venus Star (VSP) is not your natal Venus sign, although it can be.

Each person is part of a Venus Star group, and has 5 Venus Star points, three before and two after their birth days. The one that occurred just before your birthday is the most defining one.

What’s the difference between your Venus sign and your VSP?

Where your natal Venus lives in your sky is the cosmic heart of your chart. That sign symbolizes your urge to merge…What you are naturally attracted to and how you’ll most naturally express the Universal Law of Love our life. The house shows you in which area of life you’ve got the love.

Your five-pointed Venus Star will reveal the timing of your life and the tone of different soul growth cycles of your life. The houses of the points will show in which areas of life you can move with the 8 year-cycles of Venus through love, growth and loss.

Your personal VSP represents your star quality. It tells you how & where you can shine as a soul and evolve into our highest, most loving contribution on planet Earth as well as the most intelligent way in which to direct your Love.

This article will go into the Scorpio Venus Star

Point’s metamorphosis into the Libra Venus Star Point and what this means for the collective evolution of consciousness and our personal experience of this crazy journey called life.


The 5 Sun-Venus conjunctions are made in Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Aries and Scorpio, all yang-energies. This is a moment of metamorphosis. On October 22th, 2022, this Venus Star point moves from the Scorpionic battlefield into different territory: Libra. One of the homes of Venus. The Star Point hasn’t been here in 150 years.

We will see a cultural shift. Not only in how we partner up, but in how we invest money and express ourselves as artists. Already, reds and blacks are fading out into muted colors and pastels.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Both carry the fire of destruction and war as an evolutionary tool. This gives Venus, the Goddess of Love, an alchemical quality.

Karmic connections. Unconscious monogamy. Remember soul siblings through the skin. Life-changing sexual connections as a soul evolutionary tools.

In Scorpio, love is a crisis, a thunder which revolutionizes our identity, whether we want it or not. Ready or not, Venus-in-Scorpio is a healing journey – love moves us through the fires of purification.

Psychologically, we were asked to transmute ‘love hurts’ in ‘love heals’.

“I was dead, then alive. Weeping, then laughing. The power of love came into me, and I became fierce like a lion, then tender like the evening star.” –Rumi

In Libra, Venus can breathe. Love is no longer in the water, love is in the air. Venus can once more be her receptive self, smile from across the dinner table and enjoy the pleasures of being with others.

Venus is bringing literature, romance, laughter back. Chances are we will remember fun. Go to see art and talk about it. Meet people to write about. We turn the volume down on our quest for meaning and put the crisis addict in us to rest.

Dial back to November 2014

– what was your art form? how did you express yourself?

what did your finances look like?

how did you love? and … who did you love?

We close this cycle, and a new cycle marked by ‘Venus Evening Star in Libra’- energy is here for us.

Transmuting tears into laughter.


The impermanence of the form life is a key note of Scorpio. Because we humans tend to glue faces to our love, Venus-in-Scorpio can, when the earthly story is told and spent, come with a profound alchemical process and lots of tears.

Venus-in-Libra has more room for enjoying people, it's OK to glue a face to our love.

Yes, Libra is younger, more prone to illusion. Illusion however stems from the Latin verb ‘ludere’, which means ‘to play’. Emerging from the shadows after the metamorphic love experiences of Scorpio, we are, at best, aware of the soul, and get to play human.

Chances are we’re able to embody, perhaps once again, lighter version of ourselves that can laugh about our love tragedies, our artistic aspirations and the identities we take out to the part.

We might live effortless exchanges where giving and receiving are quite balanced, or remember flirting. We'll remember the wings we wished to grow as a kid.


Venus' kiss with the Sun also marks her metamorphosis into the Evening Star. Where Venus Morning Star moves us to re-evaluate our sense of worth and self-love, in her evening gown, she is ready to mingle. She gives us artful and beautiful experiences to share our love with others. Preferably from our new, healed identities.

It’s vital to remember that Venus has evolved beyond opinion. Loss and love are not opposites to Venu

Just like Venus can gift us a marvelous new romance, solidify a love relationship as well as gift the grief of heartbreak, with equanimity, working on self-love and being in a relationship can go together. We can learn to love ourselves through our relationships with others and by beautifying our relationship with self. Venus dissolves this duality.

We can only get what we need. For us to also get what we want, we'll have to move forward consciously with what we've learnt since the last Venus Star Point in Capricorn nine and a half months ago. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, who was the guardian of that VSP, now sings us a Redemption Song.


… In all the ways…

First, the 29th degree-point of every sign is a degree of completion. In Libra, Venus personifies as the Law of Karma for the creation of Right Human Relationships.

This can literally deliver the results of a heart’s project you have been working on with your higher self or others.

Whether professionally, romantically, on a level of friendship, or all three, there’s a package for you.

And it’s real, “it sticks” -- there’s that precious karmic glue because Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is involved. On October 22, Saturn resumes his path forward after his retrograde, emphasizing its symbolism.

Adding on, Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and of the last Venus Star Point of January 8th, 2022

This is an opportunity for Venus-astrologers to observe how the New Libra Star Point themes develop infused by Saturn’s wisdom over the next 9.5 months. The Capricorn Venus Star Point-cycle was about transcending generational trauma and the bone-deep belief that love is duty to create ‘conscious relationships.’

Saturn asks us to embrace a realistic attitude towards our relationships, our art, and our money, one that supports and celebrates our long-term goals. The desire to build a palace for our love, and decorate it well.

Over the last 9,5 months, we’ve build a new love identity with notes of eternal friendship, continuity, truth and choice, to deliver us from love karma.


Every belief we hold -- harvested from another or buried and revealed as a trace of the ages – we manage to unlearn, is an initiation in our sovereignty.

Air sign placement can set us free, because it’s by changing our thoughts that we can change our lives.

Saturn in air sign Aquarius forms a wide trine with the Venus Star Point in fellow air sign Libra.

Venus-Saturn is a challenging union which, when consistency and responsibility are embraced, brings high rewards. By crushing the rose-colored glasses of denial, Saturn frees us from illusion and delivers a love infused with wisdom that produces conscious acts of goodwill.

Saturn a

Can I embrace commitment and responsibility as a portal to freedom?

How does my identity, my current commitments and lifestyle support my aspirations to live a life of true love?

For dessert on the karma delivery menu, 3 days after the exact Venus Star Point is made, Venus is eclipsed by a partial solar eclipse (A Scorpio New Moon). At that time, Venus is still travelling with the sun. She’ll be in Scorpio, remembering her healing journey. Eclipses are always karmic.

Karma means action, and the actions we have taken to love ourselves more and be more conscious partners and co-creators, will translate in real life events: ‘results’

The who, when, how of this karma delivery is connected to our individual paths, but for all of us, it reflects a completion of a healing journey. We close the memory of trauma.

This shift is an invitation to debunk the myth that we have to love ourselves perfectly before entering in relationship. Yes, the people who come into our life are a direct reflection of where we stand. That does not change. They can reflect the parts of ourselves that we are rejecting but they can also reflect the most evolved, most balanced part of ourselves. ‘The Other’ can be our spiritual-human equal, and set us free. Love is no longer a bloody affair.

By working with others and our brightest, most interesting idea, we build a more beautiful future.

Art is alive.

If you want to know what the VSP moving to Libra means for you personally, I look forward to hearing from you.

With Love,


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