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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Photo @Tim Walker

Pop culture has given Mercury Retrograde a bad reputation. Yet, the planetary cycles happen for us, through us and with us.

There exists no such thing as a planet doing things to us. I hope the following words will help you remember that we can co-create and learn once more, like the ancients, to harmonise with the above.

Mercury is a sacred planet. A receptor of the love-principle, and an opportunity to express love. Mercury is language. Mercury is a magician. A social butterfly making connections, having fun. The journey of learning how we can correctly relate to one another.

When we welcome Mercury as our project manager, Mercury retrograde’s function of harvest and self-observation reveals itself. We can come to over-think, be pulled into mind spirals, AND we have the opportunity to rise to witness consciousness.

On Saturday, May 21st, the Sun and Mercury came together at 0° Gemini. This was the start of a new Mercury cycle. These cycles are short - about 4 months - and begin in retrograde, with Winter: reflection, thinking things over. Our minds need Winter-periods. To evaluate.

Spring came on June 3rd, when Mercury turned direct.

On September 10th, when Mercury goes retrograde, it’s Mercury’s Autumn: time to harvest, analyse, meditate upon the fruits the efforts of the Mercury Summer brought forward.

We can use these Mercury-calendars to co-create with a highly evolved being: a sacred planet.

This season, Mercury, the details, collaborated with Jupiter. Jupiter, the Teacher, our Purpose, our vision reveals the goal in the distance, we, the archers, gather arrows for. The arrows are the projects, and also our skills and ability to use our mind with precision and learn: Mercury.

Now on September 10, Mercury and Jupiter are in opposition, and invite the integration of these 2 energies.

Coinciding with the Pisces Full Moon, the soulful, which illuminates the embodied Virgo season energy of harvest, this will be powerful for many.

You might have learnt a new skill to support your aspiration and vision. You might have met a new teacher, or come in contact with a philosophy that sparked you. You may be starting to teach. New horizons in regards to travel may have revealed themselves. Same with job opportunities in new fields, or immigration.

Ask yourself: did June 3 hold any new beginnings for me?

Tell me - what will you harvest from this season?

With love, Heidi

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