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I am a guide and teacher, here to help you remember your soul's journey and purpose. It's my intention to partner up with your soul through Loving inner-standing and for you to do the same. I use the healing arts of soul astrology & yoga science and my connection with
the cosmic mind and Divine Love

I believe in you.
In my individual guidance sessions, we celebrate your unique soul blueprint and find alignment with your True North. Together, we weave What You Love, What You Are Good At and What The World Needs into a beautiful vision. We reveal and undo shadows and limiting beliefs that hold you back from actively sculpting your life like a marvelous work of art. I design practical routines and tailored meditations for you to unfold your soul in ceremonial synchronicity with the planetary cycles.

My group sessions include cacao ceremonies, group meditations, yoga classes and evenings with the tarot..
I can help you
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Heidi Souffriau (born Feb 13, 1986) is a guide and teacher here to help you remember your soul's journey and purpose. She holds an MA in Social Sciences (VUB, Brussels), +800 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in vinyasa, traditional hatha yoga, yoga Nidra and meditation Kundalini Yoga (Sri Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh & Sarvaguna Yoga, Goa, India) a decade+ of astrology studies & mentorship, and a lifetime (or more) of communing with the stars.


Deeply moved by Mother India and Eastern philosophy, yoga was the beautiful beginning of a dive into the mechanism of the soul, the poetry of the body, Love/God, and ultimately into the home in her own heart. 

It was her life-changing encounter with karmic astrologer & mentor Chantal Sterck that provided her with the language of esoteric astrology to help people unfold their soul’s light into the human experience. 


Her studies in esoteric philosophy and theosophy (Alice A. Bailey & The Tibetan), Buddhism, Jungian psychology, trauma psychology, esoteric astrology & healing through past lives, the Vedas, meditation techniques and her love of literature inform her work. 


Heidi teaches yoga, meditation, pranayama & philosophy, and counsels people from all dreams, ages & experiences using soul astrology and her connection to divine love. She also carries the medicine of the tarot and the Akashic Records. 

Heidi works a producer on the podcast stars+destruct. and brings people together in cacao ceremonies to her love for nature and our planet.

Now living between Costa Rica and Europe, she continues her journey through teaching, writing, plant medicine & living amongst her fellow humans (the “yoga of the West”).

When she isn’t working or studying, Heidi loves to mermaid, star-gaze, dance and laugh.

Ultimately devoted to healing and the flowering of consciousness, Heidi believes it is essential that we learn to feel from from the mind and think from the heart. 

To read her writing and stay connected,

visit Instagram @unfold.yoursoul

visit her BLOG


Life —Earth, Heart, Art —we are in it together. As we awaken to the reality of the invisible and the power of the mind to create, many of us come to accept the vibrational essence of life and discover life's multi-dimensionality. Navigating different levels of consciousness and inspired to move forward, we are figuring out how to be human today. 

From there are born the questions: What is my purpose? How can I contribute to the world?

How can I be of service?

EARTH - Life is therapy. I feel that that is where we are at, as a collective, in these incredible, accelerated Times we inhabit. Mother Earth is lifting herself from the three-dimensional plane to the five-dimensional plane and actively asks us to raise consciousness and join her. By purifying our minds, we purify the air we share. This is the true gift each and every one of us can give our planet. Many of the ancient healing tools, like the science of yoga, traveled from the past to our present to help us purify and heal. When we decide to heal ourselves, we serve. You becoming more You has a ripple effect on those around you and on the personality of time itself.

Life is no longer about marching safely towards death. Many of us live many times the life of our parents in experience.  As we embrace our true potential for transformation, life holds a shiny invitation to clear our lineage, to filter our karma in the ether and build a new future where we live more authentically. The more curious we are about life and the more we embrace its ever-changing nature, the more we decide to not believe anything but live our own experience, the more we attune to our intuition, the more freedom, fun and depth we can embrace.  

HEART - To live, it is sufficient to go straight towards What We Love. Life takes the necessary bends for us to see, acknowledge and overcome the shadows that create fears, obstacles and conditioning of the mind. It is our task to be open, of mind and heart. Our wounds—and the human limitations reflected in the heartache—are the portals to our healing, and esoteric astrology and the Akashic Records can identify the past life karma we carry. It is not ultimately important to know what our past lives were, except insofar as their motions can shed light on the Now and help us to understand ourselves better in terms of the present purpose of the soul. Each incarnation is a seed maturing into its portion of the experiential harvest of the soul, beyond time and birth, in relation to the one Spirit.

In the exercise of life, we eventually need to learn to feel from the mind and think from the heart.

It is my belief that we are to radically step into soul consciousness to awaken the divine qualities of the heart: natural forgiveness and unconditional love. We no longer need to die to accept that we were born. To accept means that there is something to overcome. It holds a judgment of the past, and inscribes memories of difficulty. The higher octave of acceptance is automatic forgiveness or discovery. As we learn to observe without memory, free from patterns of thought and webs of certainties, past-less and from the heart, we step into freedom and discovery, true Love and brother-and sisterhood.

The Age of Aquarius —'the Human who brings the Water to the People' —gradually delivers the healers, teachers and wisdom for humanity to move from the planetary solar plexus to the planetary heart centre. Here, greed, glamour, aggression will be transmuted into the power of sacrifice, of inclusive surrender, of clear vision of the whole, and finally into cooperation.

We will do it together.

ART - We humans are creative. We multiply and distribute the ancient wisdom in many modern shapes: Tantra becomes a multitude of yoga styles, the yoga sutras become 'The Secret' or 'The Biology of Belief', meditation becomes 'Akashic Records reading' or 'The Vortex' and so forth and so on. On the one hand, it's good news because what is the solution for one person is not the solution for another. Each and every one of us has a different soul blueprint and unique mission. Additionally, we are ever expanding and discovering, and what speaks to us today, might be tomorrow's dishes. Modern day's teachings on Law of Vibration and Attraction and the ancient wisdom on soul and karma make equal sense and are valid simultaneously. However, this very multitude of tools and possible experiences for self-exploration might sow confusion —they are under pressure of the limitation of language itself. My personal journey has led me to dive deep into the New Age/Theosophy and ancient healing arts disciplines and, from their united symbolism at the centre of the mandala, attune to what works best for you so that you can create what you love and sculpt your life as a work of art.

If you find resonance with me, allow me to help you remember the truth that resides within you, your North Star, that spark of pure desire encoded in your DNA, drawn in your natal star sky and communicated by your light with your every heartbeat.

We can anchor the space of soul in the here and now. 

In la'kech, in ala k'in. 

I am you, you are me.


"Heidi was incredible in ways I never expected. She saw into my heart and soul, and made sense of things that have happened and are happening in my life. She opened up my heart and inspired me to continue the path I have been on. Heidi showed me that the path of teaching, loving and healing is my destiny, and my true north. She gave me specific information that I will be able to use to continue serving the world in the way I was meant to. I have never been touched by a reading like I have been touched by Heidi. I felt that she really saw me. She is a gift to everyone she comes in contact with, I am sure."

Beverly Fergus

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